Insight Canberra provides Mental Health First Aid training to government, organisations and businesses in the ACT and surrounding regions.

Organisations are required to have Physical First Aid Officers, but Physical First Aid Training only focuses on physical illness and doesn’t teach participants how to help someone experiencing a mental health problem.

Insight Canberra offer a range of training solutions, from introductory to fully accredited Mental Health First Aid Courses.

What is a Mental Health First Aid Officer?

A Mental Health First Aid Officer is an Accredited Mental Health First Aider appointed in their workplace. Mental Health First Aid Officers can provide support and assistance to colleagues who might be displaying signs of developing a mental illness, or experiencing a mental health crisis. They are trained to be able to identify when further assistance is required and can assist in developing mental health policies and procedures within your organisation.

Mental Health First Aid Officers also assist in decreasing the stigma sometimes associated with mental illness simply by making themselves available to support their colleagues openly and non-judgementally. They can also help all employees gain a better understanding of mental health issues through open conversations.

Early intervention for people with mental health problems?

Early intervention is vital for people developing a mental illness, yet due to the nature of the illness, people often don’t have the insight into what they’re experiencing or what assistance is available, which can lead to a delay in seeking help.

So what can you do as an employer? 

  • Develop and implement a Mental Health First Aid policy.

  • Encourage employees who have completed First Aid courses to do Accredited Mental Health First Aid training.

  • Support and promote these Mental Health First Aid Officers within the workplace.

  • Offer introductory Mental Health First Aid training to all staff. This can help remove the stigma around mental health.

“Caroline’s presentation of this course was extremely well done, she was able to present the material in a clear and concise manner. Caroline did a great job over the two days, I particularly enjoyed that she encouraged class participation and allowed time for questions and discussion when and where possible.”

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Why Mental Health First Aid Training.

Employee well-being is paramount is today’s workplace. Your staff need to know how to respond appropriately and effectively to people with mental health problems.

Mental illness is becoming increasingly common with 1 in 5 people experiencing a common mental illness in any given year. If you haven’t experienced a mental illness yourself, it is more than likely that you will have a colleague, employee, friend or family member who will develop a mental illness at some point in their lives.

Mental Health First Aid Training is for everyone. Just like physical First Aid training, it teaches people how to provide initial help until professional help is received, or until the mental health crisis resolves.

Mental Health First Aid training teaches participants how to recognise the signs of a developing mental illness, and to provide initial help to adults. It also teaches participants what to do if someone is experiencing a mental health crisis such as suicidal thoughts and behaviours, psychosis, panic attacks, traumatic events and severe psychotic states.